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What are some of the benefits of natural gas?

For reliability, comfort and convenience, no energy source comes close to providing as much value as natural gas. You can cook, bathe and stay warm by a fire, even when the electricity is out, thanks to the reliable underground delivery of natural gas. You'll feel warmer and have abundant hot water for washing clothes, dishes and kids, thanks to the comfort provided by natural gas. Saving time is also a breeze with the convenience of gas logs, ranges and grills.

Home Heating:  The clean, cozy warmth of natural gas!  High-efficiency natural gas heating systems can achieve ratings up to 97% efficient.  These natural gas heating systems will keep you warm through the coldest months of the year.

Water Heating:  Hot Water: Virtually unlimited and fast with natural gas.  A natural gas water heater provides a seemingly endless supply of hot water.  

Natural Gas Ranges:  Preferred by the world's best chefs, they turn on and off instantly and provide precise temperature control.

Natural Gas Fireplaces:  Enjoying a fire has never been easier.  A flick of a switch turns them on and off, and when you're done there are no ashes to clean up.

Natural Gas Grills:  No tank to refill, no waiting for coals to heat up -- you can cook for a as long as you like.  Plus, with gas convenience outlets you can enjoy the freedom and mobility to disconnect and store your grill.

Natural Gas Dryers:  Save money and get to "fluffy" faster with the economy of natural gas.  Natural gas dryers provide full heat instantly.  That means your laundry will dry faster than it with an electric model.  Natural gas dryers also cost less to operate.

Special thanks to Washington Gas for contributions to this section.

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