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Commercial/Industrial Rebate Program

The Laclede Gas Commercial/Industrial (C/I) Rebate Program provides commercial and industrial customers incentives through prescriptive (standard) rebates and custom rebates, for the implementation of natural gas energy efficiency measures, including part of the cost of an energy audit that identifies a measure that subsequently results in a rebate through this program. Laclede customers served under one of the following rate schedules are eligible to participate in the C/I rebate program:

  • Commercial & Industrial General Service - Class I (C1)
  • Commercial & Industrial General Service - Class II (C2)
  • Commercial & Industrial General Service - Class III (C3)
  • Commercial & Industrial Seasonal Service (CA)
  • Interruptible Service (IN)
  • Large Volume Service (LV)
  • Large Volume Transportation and Sales Service

Customers implementing certain measures as described on the C/I Prescriptive Rebates page will receive prescriptive rebates.  All other rebates under this program will receive financial incentives which are customized or individually determined using the Societal Benefit/Cost Test, as defined in the latest edition of the California Standard Practice Manual for Economic Analysis of Demand-Side Programs and Projects. For more information on prescriptive and custom rebates, please click on the appropriate link to the right.

Non-Profit Customers, defined as a government agency, public school district, or a customer that demonstrates it qualifies as a 501(c)(3) charity or as a benevolent corporation as defined by RSMo 352.010, may qualify for specific rebates as detailed below.

Audit: The energy audit rebate will only be provided to a customer that qualifies for a prescriptive and/or custom rebate under this program.  The audit rebate offer will be structured as follows:

  • Non-profit customers will be eligible for a rebate of 75% of the audit cost, $600 per building under 25,000 sq. ft., or $750 for buildings 25,000 sq. ft and over, whichever is lower.
  • All other C/I customers will be eligible for a rebate of 50% of the audit cost, $375 per building under 25,000 sq. ft., or $500 for buildings 25,000 sq. ft. and over, whichever is lower.
  • For customers with more than one building per account, there is a limit of three audit rebates per customer per program year. Energy for each audited building must be estimated based on total utility metered use if sub-metered data is not available.
  • No customer building shall qualify for a second audit rebate under this program.
  • Audits must be performed by qualified professionals (Registered Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, Certified Energy Manager, or equivalent training, experience, and continuing education).  Audit procedures and reports must reach the level of effort of a Level I - Walk-Through Analysis as described in the most recent edition of "Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits" published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers.
  • To be eligible for a rebate, the audit report must identify at least one energy efficiency measure which qualifies for a rebate under this program, the energy efficiency measure must be implemented, and the application for the audit rebate must be included in the application for the qualifying energy efficiency measure.

Rebate Limit: During a program year, a commercial or industrial customer's total rebate is limited to $25,000 or the remaining uncommitted budget for the current program year, whichever is lower.  Remaining uncommitted program budgets may be reallocated by the EEC to other programs if not part of unexpired rebate pre-approvals committed for proposed customer projects.  All measures that receive pre-approval must be implemented / installed within six (6) months of the date of pre-approval.  And, all invoice(s) and other required project documentation must be submitted within eight (8) months of the date of pre-approval.  Notwithstanding these rebate amount limits, commercial or industrial customers are limited to a total of two gas water heater prescriptive rebates under this program.

Applied Energy Group, Inc. (AEG) is accepting and processing rebate applications for the Company. The most effective way to apply for a rebate or ask questions about the program is online through either the C/I Standard Rebates or C/I Custom Rebates links. 

Have Questions?
Please call our rebate coordinator at (800) 426-5784 or (302) 504-3084 or email

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